Arduino Tutorial 1: Upload Sketch and LED Blinking

Arduino Tutorial 1: Upload Sketch and LED Blinking

Sketch is a term commonly used in programming to refer to programming files or code. In this LED blinking Arduino Tutorial, we will explain the basic things that need to be made to upload a simple code, as well as to view the output on the on-board LED Arduino.

1- The first step is to download the Arduino IDE software here.

2-Step Two, install and open the software you have downloaded earlier. Go to File>Examples>01.Basic>Blink.


3- The Sketch named Blink will come out on your monitor display. After that go to Tools> Board> Arduino UNO. If you use a board other than Arduino UNO, you need to choose the type of Arduino board you use.


4- Next go to Tools> Port. Here you need to choose the ports that written with the type of Arduino  you use. If there are no ports on the tab, you’re using the CH340 chip type Arduino and the  connectivity between the Arduino with your PC is still not activated. In short, it is a clone Arduino  or a cheap Arduino. But do not worry, the function remains the same!

5- To activate the Arduino port connectivity, you need to download and install the CH340 driver.


6- After completing installation, close and reopen the Arduino software and go to Tools> Port again. You will see the port selection for Arduino has appeared. Select the port and press Upload.


7-After uploading, try to look at the on-board LED on your Arduino. The blinking there indicating you have successfully uploaded the code into your Arduino.


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